Introducing the New Photo Editor by Aviary, Now Part of the Adobe Family


Today we’re introducing our first significant release to Photo Editor by Aviary since joining forces with Adobe a few months ago. Adobe VP of Products - Community, Scott Belsky spoke of how the two companies, dedicated to building world-class digital products for creative, were coming together to empower the future of mobile creativity. With today’s release of Photo Editor, available for both iOS and Android, we’re taking our first major step in that direction.

We heard from many of our users who wondered what the partnership might mean for Photo Editor, an app that has become globally synonymous with fast, fun, and intuitive mobile photo editing for millions. We think today’s release serves as a simple answer to these questions: Photo Editor is only going to get better. Today’s release is one of our biggest ever, loaded with new features to help take your creativity to the next level. Here are a few highlights:

     Sync with Creative Cloud to keep your supplies forever - Now you have the ability to sign in to the app with an Adobe ID, which will sync all of your photo editing supplies - effects, stickers, frames, and overlays - to Adobe’s Creative Cloud. Not only will this preserve your supplies forever, but it will also let you take them over to Photo Editor on another device.

     Everything is free in November - What good is the ability to sync your supplies if you haven’t downloaded any? For the rest of November, all of Aviary’s awesome effects, stickers, frames, and overlays are free when you sign in to Photo Editor with an Adobe ID. Grab as many as you want, and keep them forever in your Creative Cloud. This is a $200 value, completely free for a limited time.

     Overlays - Place stencils over your photos to make unique and creative images, perfect for sharing on social media. We’ll be adding new overlay packs all of the time and like effects, stickers, and frames, you have the freedom to make this tool all your own.

     Vignettes - One of our big user requests, Aviary’s vignette tool makes it super simple to place a dark or light vignette over your photo, with support for custom size, shape, and intensity.

     New photo adjustments including Highlights, Shadows, Tint, and Fade - These new adjustments (or “slider tools” as we call them here at the Aviary HQ) give you more creative freedom when it comes to manipulating your photos to achieve that perfect look.

     Draw Brush - On iOS, our user-favorite Draw tool now comes with re-built brush technology that makes drawing on photos feel more natural and lifelike.

And this is just the beginning. Over time, we’ll be introducing even more creative features from inside our cozy new home at Adobe. Follow us on Twitter to stay in the loop on all of the great things we’ll be rolling out over the coming months, or drop us a line to tell you what you think of today’s release. And if you want to help us test exclusive features before they make it into our app, join our Android or iOS beta groups. Your feedback and involvement in the beta is invaluable and will help shape the future of Photo Editor for millions across the globe.

Aviary Beta Testing Now Available for iOS

We are pleased to announce that we’re opening up beta testing for Photo Editor by Aviary on iOS! 

For over a year now, we’ve been taking advantage of Android beta testing through Google+ and it’s proven to be an invaluable resource. With the help of over 3,000 beta testers, we’ve been able to identify and squash countless bugs as well as improve and iterate on new features before they’re released. Starting today, we can now do the same on iOS.

Beta feedback is critical to Aviary’s development process. Not only does it help us polish up features before we launch, but sometimes it inspires us to build something completely new. Take our Blur tool, for example: Last June, our imaging team wanted to take our Blemish tool to the next level by changing the technology so that it made flaws disappear, instead of just camouflaging them. What they came up with was amazing, and our beta testers loved it. But we also learned that they missed the blurring functionality that the tool previously offered. So, instead of just launching the new Blemish, we added a second, brand new tool named Blur, giving users the best of both worlds. Everyone’s happy! We’ve learned dozens of lessons like this one thanks to our Android beta group and we’re excited to extend the beta program to iOS as well.

Here’s how the program works:

  • Start by requesting to become a tester here (be sure to enter the same email address you use for your App Store ID). We’ll get you setup in our system shortly after receiving your info.
  • You’ll be notified via email when a new beta is available. At that time you’ll also receive some instructions for getting the beta installed to your device and how to submit us feedback.
  • That’s it!

So what are you waiting for? Sign up for our iOS beta group today. As a beta tester, your voice will be heard while we’re still in the development process—this will help shape and influence the way our new features evolve. If you use Photo Editor by Aviary on iOS and are interested in becoming a beta tester (and gaining exclusive access to upcoming features!), simply enter your email here.

Announcing Photo Hack Day NYC!

On the tail of our recent acquisition by Adobe, we're so excited to announce that registration is open for our sixth Photo Hack Day, this time back in our hometown of NYC! Adobe aims to enable developer creativity, and participants of PHDNYC will have the opportunity to get a hands on look at the Adobe Creative SDK and create amazing hacks with Sponsor APIs. We’re making this a more intimate event, focused on our terrific community of developers and users. 

More details below:

Who: Our friends, old and new, in the photo space
What: Another full weekend of photo-centric awesomeness!
When: December 6-7th, 2014
Where: Aviary HQ in NYC

Check out the event site for more details and a link to register!

Partner Spotlight: Sweetspot

Sweetspot for iPhone is a new and simple way to curate and share your favorite experiences. A curation is a collection of photos, text, and tags that together tell a story. Whether you're documenting a recent road trip with friends, keeping track of your favorite restaurants or bars, or sharing a list of your city's essential museums and monuments, Sweetspot for iPhone is built for you. You can use the app to follow friends, family, or your favorite actors, artists, chefs--and discover new experiences. With the power of Aviary's iOS SDK, Sweetspot provides users the ability to personalize their photos with ease. When building curations, users can pull in photos from their Instagram and Facebook accounts, add locations from Google Maps, and then use tags and text to tell their story. Oh: and it's free.

You can download Sweetspot for iPhone right now on the App Store!



Migration of Our Homepage

At Aviary, we strive to not only provide our users with a seamless, fast, and fun photo editing experience, but also to safeguard our users and the personal data that is entrusted to us. Recently, the engineering team has undertaken the task of migrating the existing Aviary website to an entirely new backend with revamped databases and code base. This was done primarily to upgrade the existing site to support new features and functionality which we will be rolling out over the coming weeks. However, a parallel goal of this conversion process was to improve the security of our online Aviary accounts and better protect the users who visit our site. Since we were basically starting from scratch, it was a perfect opportunity to review our code from a security perspective. In this post, I would like to provide an introduction to a number of the security measures we take, as well as a brief background of the threats we are protecting against.


Full HTTPS Support

With the latest release of our website ...

Aviary, Adobe and Empowering the Future of Mobile Creativity

We can barely contain our excitement today as we announce that Aviary has been acquired by Adobe. Together we will build and connect the next generation of creative applications.

While this news undoubtedly points to a fantastic future, it is worthwhile quickly recalling the recent past to help explain why this acquisition is such a tremendous next step for all concerned.

Aviary was founded to bring creative freedom to the world. In everything we’ve ever done, Aviary seeks to inspire people to express themselves freely and creatively. Many people are familiar with our self-titled photo apps — with intuitive editing experiences and an ever-expanding collection of creative content (custom photo filters, frames, stickers and more).  In fact, we’ve had more than 100 million downloads to date! But the platform that's powering these apps behind the scenes has always been the largest part of our efforts. It also forms the backbone of a free SDK that we offer to third-party developers. This allows us to extend our technology and creative tools not only to Aviary app users, but to users of thousands of other creative mobile apps that today are used by millions of people to edit billions of images each month. It also gets at the core of Aviary’s philosophy: that mobile creativity happens best across a diverse ecosystem of apps that users are free to choose, not in silos.

Aviary's HQ in New York City is very close to the offices of Behance, the creative community that joined Adobe 18 months ago – and that is now a cornerstone of Adobe's Creative Cloud offering. Over the last year, we've gotten to know Behance co-founder Scott Belsky, who now serves as Adobe's VP of Products and Community. Scott and Govind Balakrishnan, Adobe's VP of Product Development for the Creative Cloud Ecosystem, have been driving an initiative to extend Adobe technology to third-party creative applications — an effort that manifested itself in June when Adobe launched its Creative SDK in private beta. As we all talked (and talked, and talked…), it became obvious that we shared a strong vision for mobile creativity. It became even more obvious that we should join forces, accelerate combined efforts and better serve even more app developers and even more people wanting to be creative on mobile. Today, we start that journey together.

Already, our teams are brainstorming on things that we can accomplish together. We will continue to support and enhance Aviary's SDK as part of Adobe's broader Creative SDK offering. While ensuring no interruption to Aviary's developer community, or their apps’ users, we plan to add additional components and services for developers to incorporate – such as the ability to save creations to Creative Cloud in Adobe file formats, access Photoshop technology, and connect creativity across devices using the Creative SDK.

On behalf of everyone at Aviary, I’d like to thank our developer partners and the millions of people who use Aviary-powered apps. Your support has gotten us this far. We’re now going to deliver so much more for you – as part of Adobe.

For more information, read the Adobe press release here.

Tobias Peggs, Aviary’s CEO

Feast for the Eyes: Food Photography Tips & Tricks

Camera phones have become the standby tech-weapon-du-jour for many of us. Like little documentarians we wander about recording our daily lives. We steal photos of our environments, pets, plants and people. A critical component to many of our lives is a habit that hardly escapes our scrutiny or our trigger finger, our meals.

Photo: Eunsan Huh

Photo: Eunsan Huh

Do you enjoy the aesthetics of a well prepared spread? Have you sought to record the radiance of a seasonal bouquet of produce? Maybe you’ve tried to nab a shot of your crispy chicken and sweet stamped waffle at brunch only to find that the image is anything but appetizing. Do not be foiled.

Consider this your first foray into the glamourous world of culinary creativity via your mobile phone. In the following weeks be on the look out for additional installments to this food photo compendium.

Each installment of this series will focus on both a behind the lens photography skill (so you get the perfect shot) and an Aviary editing tip (to help you enhance your image).

Behind the lens: Start by electing to take shots of vibrant, colorful, bright foods and meals. It doesn’t matter if your dinner is divine, if the color is monochrome and the texture is mushy, it’s hard to make the food look appealing. If dishes are covered in heaps of brown sauce (like Poutine), it will probably fall flat on your screen too. The more fresh and new the ingredients you select in cooking are, the better they will translate for your audience. Same with meals, do your best to edit yourself. Beautiful foods = beautiful photos.

Edit with Aviary:  Once you have pushed the “button” and taken your shots, you have another opportunity to spice up your masterpiece with the Aviary Food enhancement. Simply open “Enhance” once you’ve selected  your photo from the camera roll. Next, go to the Food tool. The sweet secret about this enhancement is that it boosts the vibrancy (not the saturation) of your provisions while increasing the contrast between smaller details, adds greater sharpness, and creates a vignette to draw the viewer’s eye toward the fetching fare.

Photo: Eunsan Huh

Photo: Eunsan Huh

Give these simple techniques your best shot and surely the quality of your images will improve. Practice with different light angles, surfaces, and amounts of food to see what works best for you. Remember to have fun and find your Food Photography Signature Shot (see hyperlink to my last blog post). Bon Apetit!


Undo / Redo Comes to Photo Editor by Aviary for Android

We're delighted to announce that today we’re bringing Undo and Redo to Photo Editor by Aviary for Android, v3.5.0. This has been our #1 most-requested feature, and we’re thrilled to finally be able to offer it to our users.

The more creative you get with Photo Editor, the more you’ll want to be able to undo or redo your edits, so you can experiment with different combinations of our tools. The feature is super simple to use - simply swipe left or right on your photo after applying an edit. That’s it!

Another great addition to this version is Sticker Flip.  You can now flip the direction of a sticker by tapping on it while it is on your photo.

This update also includes some important bug fixes and other optimizations. Check it out in the Play Store and let us know what you think on Twitter. We hope you love it!