Make and Share Stunning Halloween Greeting Cards Using Ink and Aviary!

Here's an awesome tip for crafty correspondence lovers: Did you know you can make and mail custom greeting cards with your smartphone? (And we do mean mail, not email.) Download Ink for iPhone, a beautiful (and free) Aviary partner app, to enjoy this handy how-to!

Step 1: Snap your shot

Fall leaves, pumpkin patches and costume-clad friends or family members can all set a seasonal tone for your greeting card. Prop free? No sweat, special in-app Halloween photo editing tools will help you set the tone later!

Step 2: Make your card 

Download Ink to choose from tons of fun card options or make your own card from scratch.


Step 3: Edit your photo

Enhance, filter and otherwise perfect your pic with Aviary in Ink. For extra editing spookiness, be on the lookout for special Halloween stickers!

Step 4: Mail it!

Finally, add a personal message and enter your recipient's address. Ink will deliver the card straight to their mailbox!