Aviary web v3.1: forced crop, improved color picker, and more!

The web team here at Aviary has spent the last couple of years building the foundation of what we truly believe is the best web-based photo editor out there, and now it's time for the fun part: perfecting this editor so that it fits seamlessly within the workflow of your website. No matter what your site provides, we want to make sure Aviary is highly configurable so you can make it look and act exactly the way you need.

Forced Crop

aviary force crop

We've gotten a ton of requests for this, and as of v3.1 we're incredibly pleased to announce that you can now force a user to crop their photo before editing. This is especially useful for partners whose sites only support photos in a certain aspect ratio (say, square or 3x5), but there are a bunch of creative ways to take advantage of this feature as well!

  • Newsletters and website builders: launch the editor with the exact dimensions required for the space your user is currently trying to fill.

  • Printing services: launch Aviary after a user chooses the size of the product they'd like to print their photo on.

How it works: Just use the new forceCropPreset key to select your ratio or dimensions and optional label. (You can also set a custom message for your users, if you'd like.) Instead of seeing the full Aviary editor when they launch, they will see this customized version of the crop tool which does not allow them to proceed without cropping to the specified size.

Note: if you use forced crop, users will not have access to the Resize, Crop, or Orientation tools, as those can change the size of their cropped photo.

Updated Crop Tool

aviary crop tool

 For those of you sticking with the crop tool inside the editor, we've got some great improvements there as well. We rebuilt the crop tool from the ground up with custom presets in mind, so it should work better with a ton of different use cases: 

  • Dimensions or ratios
  • Anywhere from one to many presets
  • Longer preset labels or localized labels

Plus, users can now type in their own preferred dimensions, AND the dimensions of the current crop box now display right on the photo as you resize it, so it should be infinitely easier to use.

As always, you can control what options users have by setting your own crop presets with the cropPresets flag, so you can leave out Custom, choose your own supported ratios or dimensions, etc.

Miscellaneous Improvements

Aviary minimum theme

Aviary minimum theme

A few other notable changes in v3.1:

  • We are retiring the minimumStyling flag; the minimum styled version of the editor can now be accessed with the configuration parameter theme:"minimum". If you are currently using minimumStyling with either the Dark or Light theme, you will automatically be converted to the standard theme:"minimum" version (which is still light in color but excludes shadows, animations, round corners, etc).
  • Long font names are now truncated in the text tool. (Pssst: interested in providing custom fonts for your users? Get in touch.)
  • Much improved color picker: users no longer have to click a button to select the color they've chosen in the color picker.

Enjoy, and please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or if there's anything we can do to make Aviary even better in the future!