Twilio + Aviary for MMS Photo Editing

Congratulations to our friends at Twilio on their new MMS and picture messaging support! We're super excited to see what the developer community comes up with. 

For all of the Twilio+Aviary developers out there, here are some examples of the kinds of MMS Photo apps that we'd love to see:

  • By combining Twilio's API with Aviary's Server-side API, developers can build apps that automagically autocorrect texted images and forward them to a recipient. 
  • We'd also love to see apps that allow a user to text a photo, apply an Aviary filter and automatically tweet it, or share it to Facebook.

If you're building a Twilio photo app and would like access to our Server-side API, let us know by emailing and we'll hook you up with a whitelisted API Key and some additional documentation.