Aviary at Mobile Photo Connect - Come and join us!


It goes without saying that mobile photography has completely revolutionized the way we both capture and share photos. Less than three years ago cameras on cell phones were still a novelty. Now, mobile photography is the main event at the launch of any hot new smartphone - from Apple to Android.

This rapid growth makes the race for the “next big thing” in MoPho even more competitive for developers. At Aviary, we love our developer friends and want to make sure they’re ahead in this race, which is why we’re beyond excited for our own Co-founder and Chief of Product, Avi Muchnick to join Darren Johnson (Kodak Alaris’ Chief Growth Officer) to share best practices for smart, simple MoPho API integration through a talk, “Weeding through the API Jungle” at Mobile Photo Connect October 15.

As an opening event to GigaOm Mobilize, Mobile Photo Connect is a solid day-long conference that will focus on how mobile photography is disrupting and revolutionizing the way we capture, share and experience photos. It’s a great chance for us mobile app developers to get cross-inspiration from others in the photography space, such as Samsung, Nokia, Kodak, Nero, Fujifilm, HP and Adobe. A brilliant idea (if we do say so ourselves) by event co-hosts Hans Hartman, president of Suite 48 Analytics and Alexis Gerard, founder of Future Image Inc.

Overall, there is a sweet line-up of MoPho topics. Here a few that we’re particularly pumped about:

  • The world of mobile photography in 2013 and beyond - a discussion with mobile photography journalists and analysts on what’s trending in the industry.

  • The connected camera perspective - what should we expect as the gap between cameras and smartphones continues to narrow?

  • Monetization options for photo apps - How to make money. Enough said.

We want to invite our Aviary community (here’s looking at you developers!) to take part in this conference and receive a special discount of $100 off regular attendance from our friends at Mobile Photo Connect. Redeem here: http://mobilephotoconnect.eventbrite.com/?discount=aviary

Get the rest of the story at www.mobilephotoconnect.com.

Hope to see you there!