Aviary for Android Beta Test

We're excited to announce our new Aviary for Android Beta Testers Google+ community! If you're an Android user and interested in gaining early access to new builds (and letting us know what you think), we'd love you to join. Follow the steps below to opt into the program:

1) Join the Aviary for Android Beta Testers Google group here (note: make sure you join using the same email you use to access Google Play).

2) Click here, then click Become a Tester to allow beta downloads (note: you'll need to be a member of the Google+ community first before you can complete this step).

3) Download Aviary from the Google Play store to update your app to the latest beta version.

Once a beta tester, you'll begin to receive updates automatically as they're released. Simply use Aviary like you normally would and tell us about your experience. You can leave us feedback in the Google+ community by clicking here, then submitting a post using the "Share what's new…" box at the top of the page.

As a beta tester, some of the updates you'll receive may seem small, but from a coding perspective they're huge. We're in the process of revamping the back end of the app to improve stability and to set the stage to be able to bring you exciting new features later on. For this reason, your feedback on both functionality and performance is extremely valuable. The more feedback we receive, the better Aviary for Android will be!

If you have any questions or comments, feel free as always to email us at support@aviary.com. Otherwise, we hope to see you in the beta community!