A Valentine's Day Case Study: Universal Pictures' Endless Love

Late last summer, we introduced Aviary for Advertisers - a new way for brands to connect with millions of people taking and sharing pictures on their smartphones . Today we're showing results from one of our most engaging campaigns to date.

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Unlike ads in Instagram, which promote a brand’s own photo content in the stream, native ads in Aviary share branded editing tools that allow audiences to make their own creative photo content. With this one-on-one approach to brand interaction, we've found that advertisers are able to achieve exciting and impactful levels of audience engagement, as well as generate the kind of audience positivity that generates brand affinity. We've also found Aviary campaigns outperform display ad CTR averages by many magnitudes (Aviary's average CTR of 4.5% vs display advertising's 0.1%), marking another big win for native ads vs. traditional ads. 

Universal Pictures' Endless Love "Photo Valentine" Campaign is still live in Aviary (these results mark performance between the dates of Jan 21 and Feb 10), so for a closer look, download our app before Feb 16.

Case Study:  Universal Pictures' Endless Love "Photo Valentine" Campaign

Campaign Overview: Aviary users were invited to unlock free photo editing tools to create Endless Love "Photo Valentines."  Using branded filters, frames and stickers - including film-inspired word art, embellishments, filters for adding a "warming glow", and a photorealistic sticker of leading man and teen heartthrob Alex Pettyfer - users transformed their "selfies" and other pics into sharable valentines.

Campaign Objective: Increase awareness of Endless Love among key demographic of younger female smartphone users during lead-up to film release

KPI(s): Engagement, CTR

Performance Window: Jan 21 - Feb 10

Unique Audience (US): 16.4mm

  • Exposure: 21.8 million
  • Clicks: 1.3 million
  • Conversions: 600k
  • Engagements: 7.3 million
  • Saves: 900k
  • CTR: 5.8%
  • Click-through Conversion: 49.1%
  • Overall Audience Conversion: 3.6%
  • Average engagements per user: 12
  • Average Engagement time per user: 36 seconds
  • Overall Engagement time: 376,292 minutes


The Endless Love "Photo Valentine" campaign was created by Millennial Media and Aviary, in collaboration with ignited and Universal Pictures. All campaign traffic was organic.

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