A thousand new apps on Aviary's Photo Editor SDK in a week.

Aviary’s SDKs have been powering photo editing in thousands of apps, and for millions of users, since September 2011. In that time, our developer ecosystem has grown to over 7,000 partners. In March this year almost 80 million unique people edited their photos on Aviary’s platform across that ecosystem.

We talk with developers a lot - and they love the ease of integration, the quality of the technology, and the intuitive photo editing tools that Aviary can provide for their users. We’re proud to work with these developers; and to have become an integral part of their apps and business. But there's always more we can do... and are doing. 

We launched a big upgrade to our SDKs last week.

aviary sdk.jpg

In just one week, more than one thousand new apps have signed up to join our ecosystem! (1,181 as of 9pm last night, to be exact ;)

That’s super exciting, especially as we’re now also offering developers monetization opportunities - though our IAP and Branded Content / Native Ad models, which get distributed along with the SDK. 

What’s even more exciting is the diversity of apps that are integrating Aviary’s photo editing SDK. From commerce apps, to social apps, to lifestyle apps, to creative apps, to messaging apps… it’s clear that we’re long past the point where photo editing is just about turning an average picture into a good one. Photo editing – especially on mobile – is now about enhancing visual communication across many use cases between billions of people across the planet.

The charts below provide an overview of the 1,000+ new apps that have joined Aviary’s ecosystem in the last 7 days.  

ios and android.png

As we’ve seen consistently across the last Quarter, the number of new Android apps being built on Aviary’s SDKs is outpacing the number of new iOS apps by 3 to 2. Although iOS apps dominate the current make up of our overall ecosystem, the rapid growth of Android in that mix is startling.

Meanwhile, while new Android developers are still building a lot of photo editing and creation apps, our new iOS partners are more diverse – with social networking apps that include photo editing now accounting for almost a quarter of new apps built on Aviary’s iOS SDKs.

We'll post an update to this a month from now - and analyze additional trends we're seeing. 

But if you’re a developer who needs kick ass photo editing in your app right now – come and grab our SDK right here.

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