75 million people need their stickers! Aviary delivers them with Node.js and MongoDB.

In April, more than 75 million people edited their photos with Aviary. As a consequence, we serve content to millions of users around the world every day.

This content - which ranges from new photo filters and sticker packs to promotional messages - is served by a powerful back-end infrastructure that we refer to internally as "the CDS" (Content Delivery System). 

The system was built on Node.js and MongoDB to deliver virtually any content to devices of all kinds in a platform-optimized way. This flexibility allows us to regularly expand both the types of content we serve and the types of devices we serve to without any back-end code changes.

In this talk, given at the November 2013 MongoDB Users Group meetup, Aviary engineers Jack Sisson and Nir Zicherman discuss how they architected the CDS to withstand problems of scale and versioning. Enjoy the video! 

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