New iOS SDK version 4.2.0!

iOS Devs - Update to the latest version of the Aviary SDK!

We're thrilled to introduce one of our biggest updates ever to Aviary's iOS SDK - version 4.2.0

We're on a mission to give the world greater creative freedom. The latest iOS SDK helps us do just that with new and improved features like new photo filters, artsy frames and awesome stickers for members of our Premium Content Network. We added some of our most requested features, including better selfie tools and undo/redo. It’s all a part of our goal to help you give your users the best tools to create beautiful photos. 

Before we dive into all of the great new features, there is one important change we would like to call out in particular:

IMPORTANT- Font changes in the Meme tool

Going forward, the Meme tool in Aviary’s SDK will no longer use the Impact font due to licensing restrictions. We have replaced it with League Gothic, a similarly styled font that is part of the Open Source Type Movement and therefore completely free for your to embed in your app forever.

Please note that if you wish to continue to use the Meme tool with the Impact font in your app, you may be required to pay a separate licensing fee directly to Monotype, the rights owner of the Impact font. To avoid any fees going forward, we recommend you update your app to the latest version of our SDK immediately (or disable the Meme tool inside your app).

...And now onto the fun stuff! 


Our number one user request is finally here! Yep, you can now undo or redo any change by simply swiping from left or right on your photo. We’re positive your users will love the new addition.

New and improved suite of Selfie tools

We can’t take enough selfies and neither can your users! Our suite of selfie tools have been massively upgraded allowing for even better post-processing and editing.

All new user tutorials on tool usage

We now have user tutorials to make sure that your users get the most out of their photo editing experience.

…And even more!

Of course, as with every new Aviary release, there are additional optimizations, improvements and other goodies tucked away in every corner. We’ve added an editor cancel confirmation alert when users have unsaved work. We’ve also included language updates and support for en_GB localization.

Download iOS version 4.2.0 now

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