The Making of Junk Food

Josh Lafayette is a designer, illustrator and poet who specializes in lettering and food. He's also the artist behind the Junk Food Pack, a collection of whimsical stickers inspired by classic tattoos and yummy snacks. Josh describes his style as "wonky and cartoony" and we love how his kitschy stickers add a playful spin to photography. 

"When using Stickers in Aviary, I really like the ones that interact with a person’s face or body, like hats and mustaches," Josh explains. While brainstorming ideas, inspiration struck - in the form of an ice cream hat! From there, he created a wardrobe of accessories that will take your selfies and squad pics to a whole new dimension. 

Here's a closer look at the creative process behind the sticker that started it all: 

Step 1: Think, think, think, think, think, EUREKA!

Step 2: Research and acquire references.

Step 3: Make a rough digital sketch. 

Step 4: Tighten up that sketch with thick black outlines.

Step 5: Color the drawing like it’s in a coloring book.

Step 6: Add details, shadows and highlights and voila! 

Download Junk Food Stickers from Aviary's Supply Shop today!  And if you like Josh's style, check out his Party Time Overlays