The Making of Comic Book

We love beautiful photography, but we love having fun with photos too! Our Comic Book Stickers by Nathan Yoder are just the thing when you're in a playful mood and want to give your pics a quirky, light-hearted spin. 

Nathan is a Portland-based artist known for his stylistic, Americana pen and ink illustrations. For his Aviary sticker pack, he looked to his own imaginative tendencies for inspiration. 

"My imagination is constantly adding cartoonish sound effects to things, like a bird flying by," he reveals, "so I thought it would be fun to create sticker versions of those sounds." 

Nathan begins his creative process with small, quick sketches to get all his ideas down on paper. "Once I've collected a series of sketches, I'll go over them with a pen to create clean lines that will be easily managed on the computer," he explains. The inked sketches are then scanned into the computer, where he makes final tweaks smoothing out any bumps and rough lines. And ta-da! The stickers are ready for Aviary.

Download Nathan's Comic Book Stickers from our Supply Shop today to animate your photos! We can't wait to see what fun scenes you create!