Free Content For Android Users

One of the most common bits of feedback we receive from Android users is that we don't offer enough free content for the Photo Editor by Aviary app. Well as of this week that has changed! We are proud to offer all of our Photo Editor by Aviary content packs for FREE to all Android users through the use of your Adobe ID.

Where you previously had to pay for Effects, Frames, Overlays and Stickers you will now be able to download them at no cost when logged in with an Adobe ID. We will also be changing our content offerings on a rolling basis with updates to our Stickers, Frames, Effects and Overlays every Thursday. You can look forward to seeing more Seasonal, Cultural and Holiday related content in the coming weeks.

Through the Adobe ID, users will have access to previously downloaded packs at any time. So as we cycle content in and out, the previous content will still be available to anyone who has already downloaded it. And don't worry, if you miss out on a certain pack one week there will still be opportunities to download it in the future.


We hope you are as excited about this as we are! Download your favorite effects now!

Happy editing!