Introducing Explore & Profile

We are thrilled to unveil an updated Photo Editor by Aviary which includes two brand new sections: Explore and Profile.


The Discover section as you knew it got a major facelift! Featured photos are now even easier to browse. Do you consider yourself a foodie? Sports buff? Nature freak? Animal lover? Good news! You can now explore a curated stream of photos based on your favorite category! 


Now you can publish your edit for a chance to be featured in the Explore section for the world to see. Better yet, every photo you publish gets saved to your Profile so you can have a collection of all your creative masterpieces in one place.

If you publish an edit for your eyes only, make sure to mark it as private. Only public edits will be considered for feature.


See a photo with edits that blew you away? You can now store your favorite edits from other Aviary users in your Profile for inspiration. 

Download the latest version for Android and iOS today and take advantage of our best Aviary yet!