30 Days of Roc #1: Human Beatbox

We like to call 2011 "The Year of Improvements," and to kick it off, we're going to be releasing 50 new instruments for Roc (our music creator) over the course of the next 30 days - starting TODAY! Now that's what we call a music blitz/overload/mind explosion of excitement!

Oh hey look! Our sister site Worth1000 is running speed-contests each time a new instrument is released, where your task is to create one killer track for the specific instrument of the day. Click here to enter the official kick-off of the contests, where you can easily win a $50 iTunes gift card!

Each of these instrument packs were recorded exclusively for Aviary by Akshara Weave. The best part? They're all licensed under creative commons attribution and can be used commercially which means that you can use any music you create in Roc (even in a commercial project!) so long as you credit Aviary.

We'll be releasing a new instrument pack 5 days a week (M-F) for the next 30 days, and will be publicly announcing the new pack via a blog post each day. And when I saw we, I really mean our very own Bruce almighty! He's the "Monarch of Myna Management," and the "Raja of Roc Requirements" - basically he has Aviary's music applications embedded into his brain.

Alright, let's get to business. Jealous of beat boxers? Wishing you could make the same sounds? The first instrument pack we're releasing is full of hums, dings, tongues, cheeks, pops, blips, and more! That's right, 5 NEW Human Beatbox packs have just been added to the list of instruments you can play with in Roc!

via whiterdarkstar

You basically have an encyclopedia of mouth-sounds in the palm of your hands, and you can find them all on the right hand side of your instrument bar. Mess around with the sounds, add them to preexisting songs, create new ones from scratch, get creative!

Need some inspiration? Roc genius, and Aviary superstar Styromus has gone ahead and created a jaw dropping, over the edge awesome demo song to show you the potential of these new beats.

If you're in need of a Roc refresher, check out this introductory tutorial created by Aviary moderator, Mizagorn

Hint for Day 2 release (coming Monday): What other noises can your body make?

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