30 Days of Roc #15: Church Bells

30 days of Roc, where we release 1 new instrument a day! You're on day 15 (half way there!). We're also running a contest for each instrument, where you can win $10-$50 iTunes gift cards!

Enter now to prove you're the Roc master! First time here? Check out what you've missed:

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Church bells originated in Europe during the Middle Ages, and were first common in Irish missionaries. They influenced the majority of Northern Europe to adopt this type of bell, and then eventually the rest of the world. Church bells are usually rung to signify the time for worshipers to attend church, but can be used for weddings, blessings, funerals, and many other services. Before the existence of such bells, Greek monasteries used a flat metal plate (hey, you gotta work with what you got!) to gather a large group.

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Today, we're releasing Church Bells to the growing instrument list in Roc, our music creator. You can find the latest installment on in the instruments tool bar, located on the right hand side. Use this new sound pack to create a stand alone tune, or add it to your existing songs. And remember, every instrument, including Church Bells is licensed under creative commons attribution, and can be used commercially. This means that you can use any music you've created in Roc (even in a commercial project!) as long as you give Aviary credit.

Some great use cases for this instrument include, but are not limited to:

A tune that will gather your family together for dinner
A tune that will notify your children to clean their rooms or....else....
A new alarm for your clock!
A new doorbell ding-a-ling!

Here's what we're changing our doorbell to, feel free to use it/work off of it to make your own remix!

Hint for Day 16 release (coming Friday): This musical instrument originated in Trinidad, and professional _____ ___ players are known as pannists.

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