30 Days of Roc #16: Steel Pan

30 days of Roc, where we release 1 new instrument a day! You're on day 16 We're also running a contest for each instrument, where you can win $10-$50 iTunes gift cards!

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When it comes to good moods and good grooves, no other instrument does it better than the steel pan (also known as the steel drum). Originating from the islands of Trinidad and Tobago, the steel pan is an idiophone, and was developed in the mid 1930's, making it a relatively new instrument. It's considered the national instrument of Trinidad and Tobago. They're named "steel pans/drums" because they were literally made out of 55 gallon steel drums that were used to store oil.

Today, steel pan makers do not rely on steel containers anymore, and use manufacturers to get the instrument made according to size, preferences, and specifications. To play the steel pan, you must have a single (usually played with a pair) rubber tipped stick. The size and type of stick you have directly correlates with how the steel pan will play and sound, giving this awesome instrument a wide range of versatility.

via classactp

Steel Pans has officially been added to the growing list of instruments in Roc, our music creator. You can find the latest installment in the instruments tool bar, located on the right hand side. Use this new sound pack to create a stand alone tune, or add it to your existing songs. And remember, every instrument, including Steel Pans, is licensed under creative commons attribution, and can be used commercially. This means that you can use any music you've created in Roc (even in a commercial project!) as long as you give Aviary credit.

Let's get Tropical! Launch Roc to start jammin', or listen to our quick demo for inspiration!

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