30 Days of Roc #2: Body Sounds

Snap, crackle, pop! No we're not talking about the cereal, we're talking about your body! (Actually we're a little unsure what part of your body crackles, though that could be debated...)

via Nicky

For day 2 of "30 days of Roc", we're excited to release 3 new instrument packs made completely with body sounds. This includes the Body Thump Slap, the Hand Clap Snap, and the Foot Stomp Step. These human generated sounds will 1) save you from personally finding out what a body thump slap sounds like, and 2) give you a total of 36 brand new sounds to play with, and the ability to be even more creative in Roc, our music creator. They can easily be found in the Instruments tool bar on the right hand side.

And remember, they're all licensed under creative commons attribution and can be used commercially. This means that you can use any music you've created in Roc (even in a commercial project!) as long as you give Aviary credit.

Styromus (aka The Roc Genius) has gone ahead and created us a quick song to demonstrate what can be done with these new bodily instruments. Launch Roc now and show us your take on these sounds!

And if you're in need of a Roc refresher, check out this introductory tutorial created by Aviary moderator, Mizagorn

Hint for Day 3 release (coming Tuesday): Your dirty dishes belong in a _______ ____! To start back at day 1, click here.

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