30 Days of Roc #7: Konokol & Tabla Bols

30 days of Roc, where we release 1 (today we're releasing 2!) new instrument a day! You're on day 7. We're also running a contest for each instrument, where you can win $10-$50 iTunes gift cards.

Enter now to prove you're the Roc master! First time here? Check out what you've missed:

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You might be saying to yourself, "Huh? What? Did you utter something?". In fact, we did. Konokol (also spelled Konnakol ) is the art of performing percussion syllables vocally. It's a popular form of music in South India, but many musicians from a variety of countries around the world have found this unique, interesting, and uncustomary form of music to be quite complimentary and useful in their own musical practice. The tabla, on the other hand, is a popular Indian percussion instrument. It resembles a small drum, and can be very powerful in songs, despite its size. Bol refers to a mnemonic syllable that defines the rhythmic pattern.

via shivkumar

For today's release, we put together a variety of individual sounds to create one convivial instrument pack, properly entitled, Konokol. Simple drums and rhythmic beats can be found under Tabla Bols. Launch Roc now to find both of these installments inside the instruments bar, located on the right hand side. Not only will these new instrument packs add culture and creativity to your songs, it'll hopefully open your eyes to the many unfamiliar forms of music from around the globe.

Every instrument, including Konokol and Tabla Bols, is licensed under creative commons attribution, and can be used commercially. This means that you can use any music you've created in Roc (even in a commercial project!) so long as you give Aviary credit.

To get a glimpse of what's new, listen to this short demo we created:

Open Roc now to start making your creation. If you believe you are the master of vocal percussions and rhythmic drums, enter your song for a chance to win $$$. And in case you suddenly forgot how to use Roc (who could forget??), check out this refresher.

Hint for Day 8 release (coming Tuesday): Singing A E I O U, and maybe Y?

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