30 Days of Roc #9: Vocal Jazz

30 days of Roc, where we release 1 new instrument a day! You're on day 9. We're also running a contest for each instrument, where you can win $10-$50 iTunes gift cards.

Enter now to prove you're the Roc master. Today's contest is a free-for-all! Anything goes! First time here? Check out what you've missed:

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Did you know the word jazz was named the Word of the Twentieth Century by the American Dialect Society? In fact, it's one of the most topical words in American English. Although the origins of Jazz are still debatable, we can all agree that it takes a number of skills and talent to produce such melodic tunes. The ability of a performer to showcase their personal experience, mood, and emotions through unique harmonies demonstrates so much creativity, it's mind blowing. Every tune is different, and is never played the same way twice. Jazz has been interpreted around the world in all sorts of musical cultures, and has arguably been the reason why some artists are more distinct than others.

via Sinoca

In honor of this glorious genre, we present to you, Jazz Vocals. Now you too, can add some radical energy and improvisation to your songs. Launch Roc to discover this new pack, located on the right hand side inside the instruments toolbar. Once opened, you'll find 12 new vocals to mess around with. And remember, every instrument, including Jazz Vocals, is licensed under creative commons attribution, and can be used commercially. This means that you can use any music you've created in Roc (even in a commercial project!) as long as you give Aviary credit.

To get a glimpse of what you now have readily available at your hands, listen to this quick demo made by Bruce (the person that pretty much makes Roc possible for all of us to enjoy):

Open Roc now to start jazzing up your songs, or make one from scratch! Look forward to the Vocal Jazz contest (which will be available to enter in tomorrow) hosted on Aviary's contest page at Worth1000. In case you suddenly forgot how to use Roc (who could forget??), check out this refresher.

Hint for Day 10 release (coming Thursday): Sgt. Larvelle Jones of the popular movie series Police Academy would be proud to use this next release. Enter you guess here to win Worth1000 credits and more!

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