5 Hot New Apps using Aviary for Photo Editing

If you're a developer, you should already know that we at Aviary strive to provide the best cross-platform photo editor SDK to power your already amazing applications. This week, we’re thrilled to highlight 5 awesome applications who have recently joined the Aviary Partner Network. ### Kloudpics

By combining an intuitive UI with innovative design, Kloudpics created a truly unique social photo sharing experience. The app allows you to view and manage photos from all of your social networks, making it a powerful tool for shutterbugs on the go.


Highlight: Aggregates your social feeds so you can view all of your content in one place.

Get Kloudpics for iOS.

### Rocklive

Rocklive allows you to connect with your friends and fans via great features, including geo tagging and photo sharing. While Rocklive is a social network on it’s own, it also has tight integration with with other networks, such as Facebook and Twitter, giving you the best of many worlds.

Highlight: The ability to create video posts right from your phone.

Get Rocklive for iOS.

### Moped

Moped is a unique mobile communications experience that focuses on private messaging. Moped integrates a handful of APIs in addition to ours, including Spotify's, which allows users to playback shared tracks.

Highlight: Login using Twitter and make use of hashtags and @replies.

Get Moped for iOS & Android.

### Fast Burst Camera

Great for capturing fast paced action, Fast Burst Camera is capable of taking 30 photos per second.

Highlight: Easily turn your quick snaps into animated GIFs.

Get Fast Burst Camera for Android.

### Private Photo Vault

Private Photo Vault provides a wide range of functionality pertaining to the management and protection of its users’ media.

Highlight: Wireless photo transfers.

Get Private Photo Vault for iOS.

If you’re a developer building a cool new application that needs photo editing, grab our SDK and you might be featured in our next round up!