Food Photo Challenge

The holiday season brings together three of our favorite things: friends, family, and food. So we're teaming up with our friends over at The Infatuation to host a new #aviarychallenge inspired by all things delicious! 

Digging into a home-cooked meal made by mom? Treating your buddies to TGIF drinks?Brunching at your favorite neighborhood spot? Show us what you're eating for a chance to win the ultimate EEEEEATS prize package:

  • $150 gift certificate to your favorite restaurant
  • David Lebovitz's My Paris Kitchen book to get you inspired in the kitchen
  • Camera lens thermo mug
  • Macro lens clip for you phone so you can perfect those close up food shots
  • A feature on The Infatuation's Instagram

Here's how to enter: 

  1. Snap a pic of your plate and edit it with Aviary
  2. Post to Instagram or Twitter with #aviarychallenge and #EEEEEATS (make sure you get all 5 Es!) 

We've stocked the Supply Shop with everything you need to enhance your food photos, including 2 new, free packs inspired by The Infatuation. 

Submit your entries by Sunday 11/29. We'll share some of our favorite submissions on our Instagram throughout the contest and announce the winner on Tuesday 12/1

Ready, get set, #EEEEEATS! 

Introducing Discover for Aviary on iOS

We love seeing all your #aviary photos on Instagram and Twitter, so we made a way to get your daily dose of photo inspiration right in our app! Tap Discover to explore a curated stream of beautiful photos made with Aviary. 


Tap and hold the photo to see the original, unedited version. If you want to dive deeper, press the play or recipe button below any photo to see the step-by-step editing process.

New photos are added daily so you'll never be in short supply of inspiration! We hope that these photos spur your creativity. 

Update to the latest version of Aviary to try out Discover and get inspired! Using Aviary on Android? Hang tight, our Discover feature is coming your way soon. 

Celebrate Halloween with Aviary

Halloween is one of our favorite holidays because it gives us a chance to get creative - snacks, costumes, decor, and best of all, photos! Make your pics Halloween-ready with seasonal packs from our Supply Shop. 

If you want to transform your photo into an eerie scene, try out textured Fear Effects. They're designed to give your pics that grainy, horror flick look. 

fear before and after.jpg

Costume Stickers are perfect for dressing up your four legged pals. 

halloween dog before and aftr.jpg

Don't have a costume yet? Don't worry, we've got you covered with our Muertitos Stickers. Turn your selfies into a sugar skulls in a snap. 

Wishing you all a spooky Halloween! 👻

The Making of Comic Book

We love beautiful photography, but we love having fun with photos too! Our Comic Book Stickers by Nathan Yoder are just the thing when you're in a playful mood and want to give your pics a quirky, light-hearted spin. 

Nathan is a Portland-based artist known for his stylistic, Americana pen and ink illustrations. For his Aviary sticker pack, he looked to his own imaginative tendencies for inspiration. 

"My imagination is constantly adding cartoonish sound effects to things, like a bird flying by," he reveals, "so I thought it would be fun to create sticker versions of those sounds." 

Nathan begins his creative process with small, quick sketches to get all his ideas down on paper. "Once I've collected a series of sketches, I'll go over them with a pen to create clean lines that will be easily managed on the computer," he explains. The inked sketches are then scanned into the computer, where he makes final tweaks smoothing out any bumps and rough lines. And ta-da! The stickers are ready for Aviary.

Download Nathan's Comic Book Stickers from our Supply Shop today to animate your photos! We can't wait to see what fun scenes you create! 

The Making of Junk Food

Josh Lafayette is a designer, illustrator and poet who specializes in lettering and food. He's also the artist behind the Junk Food Pack, a collection of whimsical stickers inspired by classic tattoos and yummy snacks. Josh describes his style as "wonky and cartoony" and we love how his kitschy stickers add a playful spin to photography. 

"When using Stickers in Aviary, I really like the ones that interact with a person’s face or body, like hats and mustaches," Josh explains. While brainstorming ideas, inspiration struck - in the form of an ice cream hat! From there, he created a wardrobe of accessories that will take your selfies and squad pics to a whole new dimension. 

Here's a closer look at the creative process behind the sticker that started it all: 

Step 1: Think, think, think, think, think, EUREKA!

Step 2: Research and acquire references.

Step 3: Make a rough digital sketch. 

Step 4: Tighten up that sketch with thick black outlines.

Step 5: Color the drawing like it’s in a coloring book.

Step 6: Add details, shadows and highlights and voila! 

Download Junk Food Stickers from Aviary's Supply Shop today!  And if you like Josh's style, check out his Party Time Overlays

Create Beautiful Collages with Bazaart

We're always excited to see how developers integrate Aviary and the Creative SDK into their apps, and we’re delighted to tell you about a fantastic app that lets you take your photos to a whole new level - Bazaart!

Bazaart is an award-winning photo collage app for creating masterful photo montages. You can move, scale, and play with photo layers, apply effects, add artwork, text, and more!

Turn your snaps into scrapbook-ready collages by adding fun elements from Bazaart's Image Search. You can easily remove backgrounds from the pictures for the perfect fit.

Or try your hand at something more abstract, like this wintry scene. Bazaart has an integration with Creative Cloud Market so you can browse for inspiration and download patterns and vectors to add to your collage.

Download Bazaart to create your own collages! 

The Making of Type

Katie Bassett is a Brooklyn-based designer and printmaker. If you like what you see in our Supply Shop, you have Katie to thank! As Aviary's lead graphic designer, she's responsible for curating everything you see the store, and she has also created several beautiful packs. Here’s a behind the scenes look at the creation process of one of Katie's most popular creations - Type stickers (available for free in Aviary).


Growing up, I was always interested in arts and crafts: painting, glitter, ceramics, you name it. Fast-forward to the era of the iPod and downloadable music, and I fell in love with gig posters. I'd wander around stores looking at CDs, posters and book covers and think, “This. This is what I want to do.” In college, I spent my extra electives taking every printmaking class, from silkscreen printing to wood block printing, etching, and more. 


After graduation, I moved to Nashville to intern at Hatch Show Print, a legendary printmaking studio. Letterpress dates back to the mid fifteenth century with Gutenberg and the printing press, and in the 600 years that it's been around, its purpose has shifted from informational trade to artisanal craft. Hatch Show Print merges the past and present, upholding tradition and craft to the highest standard, while creating unique and beautiful designs. They've crafted handbills and posters for hundreds of artists performing in Nashville, from Elvis to Louis Armstrong to Mumford & Sons. You walk down the streets of downtown Music City, any day, any hour, there's a honky tonk with its doors open and a musician strumming. The history, tradition and quirk are alive and well in this city, and Hatch Show Print is right there in the middle of it all. A Nashville staple. A classic.


I wanted to create a sticker pack that combined my youthful love for the classic gig poster and honored the tradition and history of the letter press, as Hatch Show Print does to this day.  

I went directly to the source and began finding letterforms in old posters I had created to choose which typeface I liked for each letter and compiled a large library of digital scans of individual letters. Using Adobe Shape, I photographed of the poster and picked out the letter I wanted to capture. 

From there, I opened my library of letters in Photoshop and began debating on color. I decided to go with a textured gold overlay because it's more unique and something not often used in creating posters due to its price and inconsistent outcome. The stickers have their roots in letterpress, but the gold gives them a little touch of modern.


I followed up this pack with the Type Plus Stickers (numbers and embellishments), Rock On Stickers (poster-inspired letter art) and Pressed Frames (letterpress style borders) - a complete starter set for adorning everyday snaps, creating your own gig posters, and more. Download Type Stickers for free in Aviary and have a go!

Travel Photo Challenge Winner

That's a wrap, folks! Our travel-themed photo contest is now over and we were so thrilled to see so many wonderful submissions. Thank you to everyone who shared their summer adventures! From sunsets in the Mediterranean, road trips in Wyoming and sunny days at the beach, we are envious of all the amazing things you've been up to this summer. 

collage rectangular.jpg

We received over 1200 beautiful entries and after much deliberation we picked this shot by Rockadile as the winner. We love the grandness of the Rockies in the background, the pristine water and the sense of adventure we get from the photo. 

Check out her Instagram page for more beautiful photos from Banff National Park. And stay tuned for our next photo challenge, coming your way this fall! 

Travel Photo Challenge

Summer is in full swing and we're excited to celebrate with another Aviary Challenge! 

Whether you're camping in the wilderness, city-hopping in Europe, or just chilling by the pool, we want to see what you're up to this summer! Share your best pics for a chance to win these awesome prizes:

  • $100 Gift certificate to for your next vacation
  • Instax mini + film for capturing all your adventures on the go
  • Waterproof camera case 
  • Camera tote
  • The Photojojo book
  • Aviary swag 
  • Ultimate bragging rights

Enter in 3 easy steps:

  1. Take a photo of your summer adventure
  2. Edit with Aviary
  3. Post to Instagram or Twitter with #aviarychallenge

Need some inspiration? Check out these summer-inspired packs in the Supply Shop: 

  Summer Stickers, Wanderlust Effects, Summer Effects, Sizzle Frames, Ombre Effects, Roadtrip Frames, Flare Pro Effects, Travel Stickers, Glow Pro Effect, Beach Effects, Nautical Sticker, Cabana Stickers, Santa Fe Stickers, Miami Frames, Soleil Effects, Drift Frames, Splash Frames, Fireworks Effects.

Summer Stickers, Wanderlust Effects, Summer Effects, Sizzle Frames, Ombre Effects, Roadtrip Frames, Flare Pro Effects, Travel Stickers, Glow Pro Effect, Beach Effects, Nautical Sticker, Cabana Stickers, Santa Fe Stickers, Miami Frames, Soleil Effects, Drift Frames, Splash Frames, Fireworks Effects.

We'll be sharing some of our favorite submissions on Instagram throughout the week and announcing the winner on Tuesday, 8/4. 

We can't wait to see all your amazing summer snaps - good luck!

The Making Of Santa Fe

Olivia Schafer is an artist living in Brooklyn, NY. She’s also a member of Aviary’s Product Team and the creative mastermind behind our new sticker pack Santa Fe, which (you guessed it) is inspired by its namesake. Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at how Olivia designed this collection of desert-themed stickers. 


The idea for Santa Fe came from my childhood growing up in a small town outside of Albuquerque, New Mexico. Even though I moved away 10 years ago to pursue my BFA in San Francisco, the desert resonated with me so profoundly that it continues to inspire my work.

Saying that New Mexico is inspiring simply because it is beautiful doesn't do it justice. It’s inspiring because the ground undulates when the sun beats down in the summer. The smell of sagebrush and drying chilies perfume autumn skies. Adobe houses sit quietly in the dead of winter like cozy refuges, smoke rising from their chimneys. You can see the passing of seasons in the dying tumbleweed that started its life as an unassuming young plant. There’s beauty in the everyday, like the texture of saddle blankets, kiva ladders and pottery, and the understated green of a cactus. And when you stare out into the expansive night, it makes you feel so very, very small.

Those quintessentially New Mexican scenes stir up a weighty feeling of nostalgia for me. I wanted to share a piece of those idiosyncrasies in the stickers. Here’s how I created the Santa Fe pack with that in mind:


My first step before starting any project is to collect references. These can come from anywhere and everywhere - photos I’ve taken myself, the internet, history books and even encyclopedias.

I tried to capture the earthy tones of the desert soil and use dynamic cacti textures to create embellishments that would complement a wide variety of photos.


Every sticker in the Santa Fe pack started as a hand drawing. I made rough pencil sketches, which I then drew over with a thin micron pen. The final step was using Adobe’s Shape app to convert my sketch into a vector, making it really easy to pull into Photoshop.


I applied the same technique I use for oil paintings when adding color to these stickers: adding layers upon layers of brushstrokes. I began by applying layers of shadows and midtones, then added areas of light, and finally finished up with highlights and accent strokes. I tried to focus on creating beautiful colors and textures, keeping everything loose, and embracing imperfections.

Voilà, that’s my Santa Fe pack and you can download it now in Aviary! I hope you have as much fun using these stickers on your photos as I did making them.