A Splash of Color in Aviary's Android Photo Editor


Today we're introducing a new feature in the latest version of our Android Showcase app: color splash. We're incredibly excited about this, and once you take it for a spin, we think you will be too.

Our Splash tool allows you to strip all color from any photo, then magically add it back to any part of the image. It comes with two brush choices: Smart and Free. The Smart brush intelligently looks at the color you want to add back in, and only fills in parts of the image that are similar in color. The Free brush, on the other hand, is a total free-for-all and perfect if you just want to go nuts. It lets you re-color any part of the photo regardless of the hue. Also, don't worry about messing up: if you make a mistake with either brush, you can always undo it with the built-in eraser.

Also in this version of the Android Showcase: new stickers! Our Space sticker pack was such a hit that we've added more of 'em in a new pack we're calling Galaxy. This one has nebulae, bursts, stars, crazy-looking lines, and other fun space stuff. Check it out.

Have you tried out Splash yet? Make some really cool images with it? If so, use the #aviary hashtag to share them with us on Twitter.

Happy Monday!