Artist Sportlight Kastian

Artist: Kastian
Tool of Choice: Raven
User since: Feb. 15th, 2009

Although his app of choice is Raven, Kastian is an artist that is diverse and equally talented in Phoenix and Peacock. With a playful imagination and a love for doodling he is using color and shapes to their best advantage. His style grabs our attention and draws us in for a second look. I love watching for new Kastian creations as he always pushes himself to new limits.

From Kastian:
First off, my favorite tool is Raven. I used to love to mess around with Peacock, but I never felt that I was very good at it, compared to some of the other users. Raven is easier to use and I like the interface a lot. After some tinkering I was able to figure out how everything worked and how to better my creations.
I get my inspiration from various places. I look around at what other people in the community have done. Sometimes I try to copy what they have done, sometimes I think of something to do just by looking at their work. I also just look at what's around me. I doodle a lot, so anything I see can be turned into something it's not.
I really like to play with watercolors. They take some getting used to, but once you figure them out, they can be used to make very beautiful landscapes. I usually just doodle with pen though. I like how ink looks and it's easy to work with.
Lately, I've been playing around with the new Blackbox feature. I haven't really made anything new, but I've gotten used to how it works and used some older creations to make pretty cool filters.
Of my own work, I like Valentine's Day a lot. It took me a while to get done, but I am very happy with how it turned out. It's the Raven piece that I am most proud of. Past Glory and For You are also some of my Raven favorites.
In Peacock, I like Borromean Rings, Mystic Moon, and my Shark Droste Effect. I like Face Replacement as well.
In Phoenix, I like Rocket Bike and On Fire! as well as Planet...
I've used all the tools, but I haven't spent much time with Toucan. Raven is my favorite though.

Here are a few of Kastian's creations (click the pictures to see larger views and access the egg files):

Valentine's Day

Past Glory

For You

Borromean Rings

Rocket Bike


You can view his full portfolio here.Thanks for all your wonderful creations Kastian.

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