Artist Sportlight ShadyAlaska

Artist: ShadyAlaska
Tool of Choice: Phoenix Peacock
User since: Feb.12th, 2008

This week's spotlight is shining on one of my all time favorites, ShadyAlaska.
Aside from the really cool username, Shady has been a part of the flock from the beginning. Shady's images are both distinctive and whimsical. Equally adept at Phoenix and Peacock, his style encompasses a large range of interesting subjects.
In his early creations, Shady's experiments with dimension, multiple textures and vibrant color has shown us all that Peacock is so much more than a pattern making app.

From From ShadyAlaska:

I work and go to school for computer networking plus I recently found out I'm going be a dad so lots going on lol. I live in Tucson AZ but grew up around Philly, PA.

I migrated over from worth1000 and loved it here. I know I am forgetting people but some of my influences were directly from this site like mike and mario and meowza and redstar. My favorite images were from Peacock when the site was first out. I'm not the most creative person but its so much fun to do.

Here are a few of ShadyAlaska's creations (click the pictures to see larger views and access the egg files):





Clover in the sand

Sun Flower

You can view his full portfolio here.Thanks for all your wonderful creations ShadyAlaska.

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