Artist Spotlight Bluenovember

Artist: Bluenovember
Tool of Choice: Phoenix
User since: Jan. 16th, 2009

I really like to draw but am always putting it aside to learn something new. Sometimes going for months without even thinking about it and then something happens that makes me scramble for my pencils.
This time it was seeing Bluenovember's images. They reached out and grabbed me and brought back in a flash all of the things I love about drawing.
Beautifully soft and perceptive, from heartrending to whimsical (love the fairy smoking) she invokes a strong range of emotion from her images.
I am inspired by these drawings as I hope you are. New to image editing, Phoenix has taken her down a new path, a path I would like to shine a light on.

From Bluenovember:

For most of my creations I draw my pictures freehand, scan them onto my computer and edit them on Aviary. I've always enjoyed drawing but Aviary helped me put my creations on another level.

My influences seem to vary from music to my emotion at the time. Take Just 1 Little miracle for example, I drew that just hours after a loss in my family. I could feel strong emotions and used my art as an outlet.

My favorite images are Just 1 Little Miracle, as well as Untitled. I really like Just 1 Little Miracle because I finally accomplished channeling emotion into one of my drawings. Untitled because the posture of the girl seemed very pretty to me and I enjoyed layering the images. Also another favorite of mine is Girl on Box. I inverted the colors and made this drawing 100 times cooler by just pushing one button in Phoenix.

App I enjoy? Oh this is such and easy question :) Without a doubt I spend most of all of my time in Phoenix.

Here are a few of bluenovember's creations (click the pictures to see larger views and access the egg files):

Just 1 Little Miracle


Girl on box

his darkness

Purple Fairy

You can view Bluenovember's full portfolio here.Thanks for all your wonderful creations bluenovember.

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