Artist Spotlight coolsmile91

Artist: coolsmile91
Tool of Choice: Phoenix
User since: Jul 8, 2008

Coolsmile91's early creations pulled heavily from many of Meowza's tutorials, but she didn't stop with recreating them. As you will see her images she learned and adapted, adding her cheerful personality to them. Her recent images build upon those early works. Subtle beauty is coaxed from images with color manipulations and unexpected textures. While juxtaposed images surprise and elicit a chuckle or two. Coolsmile91 always brings a joy and unexpected depth to all her images.

From coolsmile91:

I interned at the Worth1000 office this past summer and really fell in love with the Aviary suite. I had fantastic mentors and I loved following Meowza's tutorials because they taught me so much about Phoenix (which is my favorite tool).

This year, I was elected as my school's yearbook Layout Editor and I use the Aviary Suite at least 5x a day! I've taught all my friends about it and it has been so incredibly helpful in the process. I'm a bit addicted :)

Photo-manipulation is a favorite pastime of mine and I get so inspired from the brilliant works of all the users here! Everyone is so talented and I love being able to learn from their art.

Here are a few of coolsmile91's creations (click the pictures to see larger views and access the egg files):

Kiwange Fruit

Happy Valentines Day

Plaid Fabric Thing

Rebellious Toddler

Women Desaturated

You can view her full portfolio here.Thanks for all your wonderful creations coolsmile91.

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