Artist Spotlight Flavia


Artist: Flavia
Tool of Choice: Phoenix
User since: July 5th, 2008

From whimsical to wise beyond her years, Flavia's art is a gallery of wonder and delight. Soft colored adorable creatures are followed by vibrant swirls and savvy compositions.Her love of color paired with an insatiable curiosity and a fascination of Peacock has made a unique contribution to Aviary.

From flavia:

My love for art and computers started when I was very little. As far back as I can remember I've always been making things. I was four years old when I painted a huge, bright toucan at kindergarten. It was so big the teachers had to pin lots of pieces of paper on the outside wall of the building so I could make it. I used to spend many happy hours creating tiny, detailed pictures in Paint too. I've become an expert in Word 2003, Powerpoint 2003 and Paint after years of experimenting and exploring. I'm getting there with Microsoft 2007 and Macromedia packages too ;)

Now I'm making lots of paper crane earrings and experimenting with colour. And I continue to be fascinated by the Shape Draw hub in Peacock ;)

Aviary has become my favourite place to be, just being able to come here and create I reckon is an amazing privilege. I get inspiration from other artists (mostly from here), Coldplay and even flair on facebook. =)

Here are a few of Flavia's works (click the pictures to see larger views and access the egg files):

Life in Technicolor

Aviary Wallpaper

Penelope, Madame de Pompadour's Poodle

Despereaux the mouse

Dream maker

You can view Flavia's full portfolio here.

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