Artist Spotlight Freakmagnit


Artist: freakmagnit
Tool of Choice: Phoenix
User since: Nov 8, 2008

i always make creations based on how i'm feeling at the time. - freakmagnit

Visual emotions explode from freakmagnit's images in fearless inky splatters only to drip and slide down, pulling the sharp edged graphics with it. Black and white figures brood in many of his compositions, while others are flooded with bright colors and strong shapes. Freakmagnit's cutout and drippy style is reminiscent of stencil artists like Alexandre Orion, or Banksy. With shadowy figures, inky splatters, and graphic circles his creations are anything but timid.

From freakmagnit:
"i guess i would have to say that my favorite creation that i've made would be "i wanna rock" because i really enjoyed making it and it came out alot better than i thought it would and right now I'm having lots of fun with my new creations so i would have to say that those are probably my faves ..."

Here are a few of freakmagnit's works (click the pictures to see larger views and access the egg files):

i wanna rock


Why not?

Do your homework


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