Artist Spotlight Ipsquiggle

Artist: Ipsquiggle
Tool of Choice: Peacock
User since: Feb 25, 2008

New to Aviary, Ipsquiggle quickly grabbed my attention with his beautiful forms, tones and asymmetry. Preferring a logical approach to Peacock rather than random occurrence, he's created some cool textures and images that dazzle and amaze. Although Peacock is his app of choice, his Raven work merits mentioning as well. His designs are beautiful, his technique flawless.

From Ipsquiggle:
I'm a 23 year old male game designer from Vancouver BC

When it comes to creation, I'm all about exploiting behavior. I have a long list of tools that I use for creating art, all of them featuring heavily in procedurality: I like it when, instead of making a picture or animation, I can describe the qualities of the art, and then let the computer create the actual images.

So naturally, when I found Aviary, I was immediately attracted to Peacock. Peacock reflects how I come up with ideas in my head: by breaking them down into rules and processes and descriptions.

However, I'm always wary of 'letting the computer do the work'. I don't like leaving my creation to chance, preferring to have a clear picture in mind and then replicate that on the screen. Because of this I have a preference towards minimalistic art, because it challenges me to achieve something very specific with my tools.

My favourite creations on Aviary so far are:

Here are a few of Ipsquiggle's creations (click the pictures to see larger views and access the egg files):

The Universe's bellybutton

A soul ascends



and my favorite from Raven:

Spring in Vancouver

You can view his full portfolio here.Thanks for all your wonderful creations Ipsquiggle.

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