Artist Spotlight Jonners710


Artist: Jonners710
Tool of Choice: Peacock
User since: Feb 25, 2008

Jonners710's gallery is mix of patterns, abstracts and representational images. Many of his images come from connecting hubs and seeing what wonder it will create. However, instead of marveling at the random results he takes it further, expanding upon them. Exploring concepts, advancing techniques until reaching the pinnacle of a style. You can see that growth in series of images like his wallpapers or planets. Jonners continues to inspire with his study of interesting and complex themes. Check out his gallery of creations and marvel at the creativity.

From jonners710:

"my name is Jon, I'm 17 and a senior in high school (can't wait to graduate). I fell in love with Aviary at first sight. Although I am horrible at image manipulation through Phoenix or a comparable program, I love making Peacock compositions. I have trouble with inspiration sometimes so a lot of my images end up as abstracts. When I do find inspiration, I work at it until I get it what I want it too look like. I try to use as few sources as possible, many of my best works have no source images other than ones that were created in peacock.
Another thing about how I make images is that when i only have a vague idea of what I'm making (which is most of the time...), I let it take me wherever it wants to. If I make something cool on accident that wasn't what I intended, 9 times out of 10 I'll just go with it and keep adding on to it.
My username is nothing exciting, In middle school people called me jonners and 7/10 is my birthday. So there you have it, jonners710."

Here are a few of jonners710's creations (click the pictures to see larger views and access the egg files):

Solar System Complete

Wallpaper 7

Cat Eye

Fire Complete


Bubble DNA


You can view his full portfolio here.Thanks for all your wonderful creations jonners710. By the way Congratulations on your one year anniversary here at Aviary.

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