Artist Spotlight Mpeutz

Artist: Mpeutz
Tool of Choice: Peacock Raven
User since: April 1, 2008

When I was alpha testing Peacock, I was stumbling around pushing buttons and making pretty patterns. I was very limited in my vision and scope of the power of the app. One day this guy comes along and with the greatest of ease starts creating the most amazing images I'd ever seen. That guy was mpeutz (Mike) and he's been creating complex and stunning Aviary art ever since.
I'm sure I'm not the only one whose jaw has hit the desktop upon seeing some of Mike's work. His mind seems to meld with the hubs to the point that it appears to be second nature. Images created from this new medium mixed with Mike's fine art background have taught us all to open our minds to the possibilities within these apps.
Mike is a teacher, a friend and a mentor to all. His patience while advising others is without limits. His video tutorials Apple have not only helped so many of us but also show the world what Aviary can do. Mike's contributions to the site have been detrimental in creating the sharing community that we are today.
I'd like to take this opportunity to spotlight mpeutz and say thank you, Mike.

From mpeutz:
After serving a stint in the Army I went to University and got my degree in Fine Arts with an emphasis in sculpture and printmaking. I loved the physicality of pouring molten bronze, or grinding down a lithography stone. Unfortunately sculpture and printmaking take up mass amounts of room and are quite expensive. So needless to say I haven't been able to do much of it lately.
I stumbled upon Aviary looking for Dodo and was snared by Peacock. It presented me with a whole new way of thinking about how images were created. I had to plan out what I wanted to do because the immediacy of paint on canvas or chisel on stone wasn't there. It is more like a chess match, you want a check mate but do not know what moves to take until the other player has moved. I have spent hundreds of hours(932) fiddling with hubs and exploring the depth of the application. Mario has really created something unique and wonderful, and I feel privilege just to be granted the opportunity to play in that creative environment. Raven has also captivated me. I was allowed access to the alpha version of the application so I was able to see it grow and evolve. from its meek beginnings It has become a powerhouse of vector goodness. Alessandro and all involved with the app have done a stellar job and there are more gems to be added. I can't wait! As much as Peacock and Raven are vehicles for my creations, the Aviary community is my fuel. The applications are really great but it is the tight knit yet welcoming community that keeps me signing in every day. Each morning I am always excited to see all the new creations from the night before.
My process is not original. I think of a concept, and then make a quick sketch if applicable, work out any details. I use what ever tool or tools that will give me the result I want. Often if an image just isn't going the way I want, I don't give up on it right away. I'll just play with it in the hope that something serendipitous will be born. I subscribe the school of thought that quantity is a good thing as you can see with my 700+ creations. You learn more and get a better grasp of creating by doing it again and again. Now quantity and quality aren't polar opposites, you can have both not all the time but it is something to strive for.
As for other ways I spend my time, I rarely watch any TV so don't ask me about last nights episode of Lost (well maybe Lost but, No others!). I usually play with my two ornery dogs, Isabelle and Dutch. They add that little amount of chaos into my life which makes everything just that much brighter. I also spend a little time plucking around on my bass guitar or cello. I spend most of my weekends working on my 85 year old house. I am currently hanging a new front door, yikes! wish me luck. I think my life is pretty uneventful and routine but that's the way I like it. "

The first two images below are my all time favorite mpeutz images, followed by some of Mike's favorites:



Here are a few of Mpeutz's creations (click the pictures to see larger views and access the egg files):


FM's Tree 2

Aviary Cosmonaut

Lions tooth


Fish in a Marble

You can view his full portfolio here.Thanks for all your wonderful creations mpeutz.

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