Artist spotlight - TheJehosephat


Artist: TheJehosephat
Tool of Choice: Phoenix - Peacock - Raven
User since: Jan 1, 2008

TheJehosephat is a jack of all trades, making incredible images from every applications here at aviary. His latest work focuses at posing Raven vectors in Peacock edited backgrounds. Even with great works as these, TJ never forgets the whimsical side. From the ultimate care bear to Master mouses' in depth back story, his creativity always surprises.

From TheJehosephat:
My creations tend to start as late night sketches; that's when I have my best ideas (even better ideas come just before I fall asleep so I can totally forget them). The next day I look at the sketches and think about the character. I probably don't actually elaborate any more of what the finished product will look like until I know exactly who, what, where and when the character is. I've gotten so involved in some of my characters that I end up dreaming about them for a couple days in a row. if I don't think deeply into the meaning of my character, I don't really like it as much.

Finally, (this could be a month or two later) I get around to bringing it into Raven. I get a general layout finished and continue to mold it and add color. Finally I bring the character into Peacock for a background and then Phoenix for minor color changes.

Here are a few of TheJehosephat's works (click the pictures to see larger views and access the egg files):


Master Mouse

Icy Mountain

Invisi- 2



You can view TheJehosephat's full portfolio here.

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