Aviary 2011 Improvements

We've added a specific category to our support site which is broken down into each of our apps, as well as Aviary.com in general. We'd love if you would take a look, vote up any suggestions that you'd love to see happen, and add anything that's important to you that isn't there already!

Some guidelines:

1. Please check if your request is already there before posting. Duplicates will keep votes from being counted accurately! You can either browse all suggestions for an app, or you can use the support site's search function.

2. Explain what you mean. Example: don't just say "I wish Roc was longer," explain what you're talking about, and why the existing app isn't meeting your needs. Make sure the next user who reads it knows what you're trying to say, so he or she can vote your idea up!

3. Our focus is on reliability, speed, and general ease of use. Please submit and vote for only the improvements that will be the most helpful to you, not every suggestion you can think of. Similarly, bug fixes and usability improvements will be given priority over new features, regardless of votes.

Let us know if you have any questions, and thanks in advance for your help. Click here to vote!]]