Aviary Android SDK 3.0 Now Available

Photo Editor for Android
Photo Editor for Android

Today we're bringing all of the awesome changes we introduced last week in our Android Showcase App to our new SDK, version 3.0. In case you missed it, these changes included a beautiful redesigned interface and some important new features for both users and developers.

To recap, this huge update included a sleek, streamlined interface that's optimized to highlight photos (the most important part of the experience) by switching over to a darker theme and reducing padding throughout the editor. We also drastically improved the ever-popular Enhance tool by adding a new Hi-Def feature that sharply smartens and defines, an Illuminate function that's great for improving poorly-lit photos, and renaming Balance to Color Fix, which performs incredible color correction to photos. Plus, the Text Tool now finally supports multiline text editing!

Also, like all SDK releases, 3.0 includes many under-the-hood tweaks and improvements, including support for a whopping 30 Megapixels (for Premium Partners) and a 10% reduction in SDK bundle size. That reduction means a smaller file size for app developers, and less precious hard disk space taken up on users' devices (your users will thank you for that one).

Visit our website to check out the nitty gritty in the official changelog and to get your hands on the SDK. Already up and running with 3.0 and have some feedback? Let us know what you think by hitting us up on Twitter!