Aviary at NYC BigApps 3.0


Yesterday's sold-out New York Tech Meetup was eventful for reasons other than demos or the attendance of Mayor Bloomberg. NYC BigApps 3.0, a city-centric hackathon, was announced for the weekend of November 11-13 at Pivotal Labs, where hackers will use publicly-released city data to build mobile and web applications that are equally cool and useful -- yet another example of the intersection of tech and municipal good! Learn more about NYC BigApps 3.0 on their blog, or read it on TechCrunch.

We're thrilled to be one of the sponsors of NYC BigApps, along with other awesome startups like Bit.ly, Etsy, Foursquare, and Tumblr.

The competition demonstrates the city's continued support of technical entrepreneurship with its generosity ($50,000 in cash prizes) and the incredible opportunities it provides: two slots to present at NYTM, two TechStars finalist slots, and the chance to demo in front of the likes of John Borthwick (Betaworks), Chris Dixon (Hunch), Naveen Selvadurai (foursquare), David Tisch (TechStars), and Fred Wilson (Union Square Ventures).

Our API has been used to create some awesome stuff in multiple hackathons in the past, including Photo Hack Day and hackNY. Check out our API on our developers site to start brainstorming ways to put our editing tools to use -- truly good use.

At Aviary, we wholeheartedly believe in democratizing and empowering the online creative space. It naturally follows that we support NYC BigApps 3.0 in its mission to bring social good and the infinite possibilities of tech together. Register here: hope to see you there!