Aviary Education Finds a Fresh Home in Google Apps Marketplace

Aviary Education is a fantastic resource for schools who want a secure, private environment for classroom collaboration on a variety of creative assignments. What makes this different from regular Aviary? All the content and sources (e.g., Myna resources or Phoenix image searches) are 100% school-safe, and teachers have classroom management (that is, they can create private student accounts and manage assignments and projects). You can always visit AviaryEducation.com to learn more!

That said, our ultimate goal is to power the whole world's creativity, and Aviary Education isn't the right tool for everyone. Some teachers need specific functionality which is available to all their students for a variety of projects, but they don't need the extra bells and whistles of classroom management. In addition, older students may not have the same strict requirements regarding internet safety as younger kids.

Conveniently, Google has just announced the new EDU category in their Apps Marketplace. This initiative is meant to make it extremely easy for schools and universities to discover new education-oriented web apps that integrate seamlessly with their Google Apps account. There're already thousands of universities, colleges, and K-12 schools around the world that use Google Apps in their classrooms. With the addition of an EDU category, Google is on the right track to helping people find great EDU apps while putting a big emphasis on how important education is.

So (drumroll please)... We're very proud to be one of the first apps in the EDU marketplace. Aviary's editing suite for education in Google Apps will be a great addition for schools whose students use Google Apps accounts Now, we know what you're thinking: we already have Aviary Education; what's so different about the new editing suite for education in Google Apps?

-More tools. Aviary Education currently allows students to use our four most popular tools - but our new suite in Google Apps provides convenient access to edit photos, markup documents, create vectors, edit audio, create photo effects, and explore colors.

-You can now access these tools via Gmail (or any other Google page), through the More menu. No additional Aviary account is required, but you'll still have the peace of mind that your entire school has one-click access with their existing Google Apps account.

-Built-in templates for common school projects (presentation slides, school newspaper, homework markup, yearbook pages, etc). All students need to do is open one up and customize it! These are also super helpful for familiarizing your class with layer-based editing in general, as they'll walk users through the steps needed to customize them.

-Sharing through Google Docs. Any creation a user saves will show up in a folder called "Aviary Files" in their Google Docs. They'll be able to share creations with one click just like any other Google doc!

Visit the Google Apps Marketplace to find more information, or go straight to our new app to give it a try!

Note: Any Google Marketplace app must be installed by an administrator of your domain. This will make it available to everyone within that domain (so students can't use it until the school has installed it). Please contact us if you have any other questions about installing Aviary!