Aviary Education Updates and Improvements

We've been releasing a lot of exciting stuff lately (Effects APIflash app updates, the list goes on!), but don't worry teachers: we haven't forgotten about you!

Here's a quick overview of Aviary Education improvements that we think will make it much more convenient for you and your students to use:

  • Streamlined account setup process. Turnaround time for new accounts will be much faster, so feel free to invite your friends and colleagues to try it out :)
  • Delete teacher accounts. Fixed the bug that was affecting student accounts when a teacher should have been deleted.
  • Persistent project info. If you go back in to edit a project, all the information will be stored so you can do just that - edit - instead of having to do it all over again. (Sorry about that!)
  • Comments are now optional. If you don't want your students to comment on projects or each others' creations, you can now turn off student comments. (Teacher comments will always be enabled so you can grade/review creations or add notes to projects.)

We hope these improvements are a great first step toward the ideal Aviary Education experience. We've got lots more coming, and always welcome feature requests and ideas for future versions! Follow us @aviaryeducation to stay updated on new features, and feel free to contact us by clicking the Support button from within your class in Aviary Education or by emailing us directly at edu@aviary.com.