Aviary Extension Updated for Firefox 4!

Talon, is now compatible with the brand new Firefox 4.0!

Install the updated add-on now!

Once you're done, you'll find your handy new tool right next to your search bar. Click on the logo to take an instant screenshot, or expand it to reveal a set of different options (you can always change the default behavior in the Preferences): capture a region, capture the visible portion of the page, or capture the entire page.

You can also quick launch any of our applications directly from the Aviary tab in the menu bar.

NEW feature in this version of Talon: You can now edit any photo on the web without leaving the page with our Simple Image Editor (Feather).

Right-click on any image (or click the tiny "a" that appears in the bottom left corner), and you'll find the option to 'Edit This Image'. Select 'Edit Image in Aviary' to launch a lightbox of Feather right on the spot. (You can also choose 'Save image to Aviary' to send the photo to your Aviary account for use as a resource at a later date.)

Once the Simple Image Editor appears, you'll have the ability to resize, crop, remove redeye, add effects, and more!

Click 'Save', and you'll be presented with 2 options: you can either save the new image to your desktop, or host it using your existing account on Aviary.com.

We hope this new Firefox extension solves all the problems in your life (we're pretty sure it will). Install it now to improve your workflow, save some time, and edit on the fly!

PS: If you haven't upgraded to Firefox 4 yet, check it out!]]