Aviary Launches Crane!

Crane, the web's first paper-based image editor.

Crane is Aviary's first venture into the newly discovered concept of non-web based applications. The system will work from anywhere and, amazingly, does not require an internet connection.

How Crane works

We've taken on the arduous task of back engineering familiar tools from image editors such as Phoenix and Photoshop, and creating tangible versions of these functions in Crane.

We've remarkably been successful in recreating most the tools in Crane as you are familiar with in your favorite digital drawing software.

And the system is so simple, you should have no problem picking it up in no time.

For example, to draw in Crane, simply place the Pencil Tool between your index finger and thumb (located on your dominant hand). Press the tip of the Pencil Tool down onto your canvas and using controlled strokes, you will be able to simulate the act of digital drawing on your canvas. The Pencil Tool is entirely pressure sensitive meaning the harder you press down on the Pencil, the darker your strokes will appear on the paper, just as if you were using a real Wacom drawing tablet.

Innovative Technology

Developing new technologies in applications is what we do best here at Aviary, and all of our tools in this system take full advantage of the summit of our knowledge. For example, using convex curves in glass, we discovered that we were able to create the Magnifying Tool, which allows us to view close-up looks of our images much akin to the Zoom Tool found in your everyday digital editors.

Advanced Feature Set

Crane also represents the future of tangible photo editing. You can easily manipulate any of your photographs in this system.

First, open your photo album. Locate the photograph you want to use. Then, take your thumb and index finger and select the photograph you want and simply drag and drop the image onto your workspace in Crane.

Because Crane also supports layer based editing, you can work with multiple images to create your compositions, just like in real Photoshop.

Also note, if you have an index finger installed on your hand, you can take advantage of some of the advanced features in Crane such as the Smudge Tool. To use the Smudge Tool, take your index finger, dip it in paint, then simply drag your finger in the direction you desire to simulate using the Smudge Tool in Phoenix/Photoshop.


Don't worry if all your creations aren't masterpieces. As added incentive, users are allowed to save an unlimited number of Crane creations, as well.

To save your creation, follow these instructions:

Step 1. Do not throw your creation into the garbage can.


Finally, as with the entire Aviary suite, you can collaborate with other artists in creating Crane creations.

To share your creation with another person, take your creation and place it into an envelope. Place the postage on the envelope and write the person's name (what they're called in real life) and address (their real life IP) and drop it off at your nearest mailbox to send them your creation.

Mobile Version

Coming soon, for the artist on the go, we are currently working around the clock to complete Crane Mobile, our mobile version of the image editor.

Don't forget to sign up for an Aviary account at http://aviary.com to beta test Crane and more exciting, paper-based products coming soon from Aviary!