Aviary launches Falcon, image markup app!

Falcon, our image markup editor. Falcon is a blazing fast visual markup tool that was designed to work with Aviary's new Firefox Extension (Talon) for screen capture, as well as for stand-alone image preparation.

Launch URL:


Screen Capture
Using the latest version of Aviary's new Firefox Extension (Talon), users can quickly perform screen capture on select regions or even entire web pages (including content hidden below the fold). Users can capture data to their desktops, clipboards, or even markup and edit the content directly in Aviary's applications. Download the latest version here! It's not up on Mozilla's Addons site yet.

screen-capture-with-talon-2.png by Avi on Aviary

Blazing Fast / Instant On
Falcon is under 90k in size, resulting in an instantaneous load time. Anyone that has Aviary's Firefox extension Talon installed can access and edit screen captured data without any server interaction (it all takes place right within the browser).

Easy Color Extraction
Use the built-in color picker tool to extract web color values from images and screenshots. This is awesome and simple for web designers!

Simple Editable Markup
Draw arrows, edit text, make shapes. Everything is selectable. Move, rotate and resize anything added to the screen. You can even recolor, add outlines and shadows.

edit-captured-data-with-falcon-4.png by Avi on Aviary

Built-in Sharing
Host your file online for easy sharing or download it right to your desktop. You can even easily post it to Twitter and other social sharing services.

Image Preparation Features
Crop, Rotate and Resize your image quickly and easily to prepare it for the web.

Aviary Application Integration
Need more design power? Port your image into 4 different Aviary tools (color editor, advanced image editor, effects editor and vector editor).

Intuitive Interface
Designed for bloggers, the interface is intuitive, quick to use and responsive.

Ideal for Netbook Use
The app resizes perfectly for use in netbooks with small screen resolutions.


Q: Why did you codename it Falcon?
A: Peregrine Falcons are recorded as the world's fastest birds. We thought that was an apt code name for our fastest app.

Q: What requirements do I need to run Falcon?
A: Any browser with Adobe Flash 9+ installed. Flash 10 is strongly recommended. Future versions of Falcon will be developed specifically for Flash 10.

Q: Can the Firefox extension capture Flash data as well?
A: Yes, in Firefox 3.5 it can. We highly recommend you upgrade.

Q: How much does Falcon cost to use?
A: Totally free to use. Aviary Pro members also gain additional storage options like privacy and watermark control for only $24.99 yearly.

Q: Is Falcon available to access through Aviary's API?
A: Yes. Any website can integrate with it directly. More information at http://aviary.com/apidocs or email us at support@aviary.com to access it.

If you don't want the entire API, but just want a simple way to launch Falcon with an image preloaded inside of it, just append the URL of the image you want to launch to the end of the querystring using the url= parameter. It will look like this: http://aviary.com/launch/falcon?url=http://www.google.com/logos/logo.gif

Q: Can I use a different Aviary app after performing screen capture in Talon?
A: Yes, just edit the Add-on Settings to choose a different app as your default choice instead of Falcon.]]