Aviary & NoScript Firefox Addon users: Here's a quick bug fix

Aviary's Firefox Addon and the Noscript addon installed.

Namely, the two extensions seem to cancel each other out when they are both installed. Big problem. :)

Well, here's a quick experimental fix that we'd love your help testing if you do have both addons installed and experienced this problem:


Please note this is experimental. It doesn't need to be installed yet unless you have Noscript installed and couldn't get the Aviary Firefox Addon to work. If version 0.8.6 otherwise worked for you, then there's no need to update to this new version until we have fully tested it out and released it on Mozilla's addons site.

Here is a list of the changes in this particular version:

(1) Fixed conflict with NoScript add-on.

(2) Always show the "Host it at Aviary.com" button (prompt to login
if necessary).

(3) Fixed a problem in Firefox 3.5 that prevented images from being
saved correctly to Aviary.com when the "Allow Third Party Cookies"
Firefox option is not checked.

Please let us know if this works for you. Thanks in advance!]]