Aviary releases Raven: First online vector editor

Raven, the very first web-based vector editor, into the wild. Raven, Aviary's online vector editor, is the first and only tool of its kind to be available online.

Here's an example of the complex vector art capable of being created in it:

Octo Tea created by Mpeutz

It's not just limited to complex vector art though: It enables anyone to create the following right in their favorite browser for free.

* Logos
* Clip Art
* Complex vector art
* T-shirt & clothing design
* Large print-ready graphics

Here's a video of Raven in action as recorded by Mpeutz:

Aviary vector icons from mpeutz on Vimeo.

You can even view the layered file for Mpeutz's icon creation with out having to be signed into Aviary.

Here are some examples of raven files created by the community:

Logo Example

Aviary Logo created by MPeutz
view layered file

Simple Clip Art Example:

Snow Tree created by MPeutz
view layered file

A complete list of features included in this release of Raven here, along with the upcoming feature set.

If you are keeping score at home, Aviary's public beta family now includes 4 web applications that enable creativity directly from your browser.

* Phoenix, Aviary's online image editor
* Peacock, Aviary's online visual laboratory
* Toucan, Aviary's online color swatch application
* Raven, Aviary's online vector editor

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