Aviary SDK + Filepicker.io

We get a lot of feedback that our web-based photo editor is quick and easy for developers to integrate, but one thing we’re often asked about is photo storage. Today we’re announcing that we’ve teamed up with Filepicker.io to allow users to export and import files directly from their own online storage accounts. To get started using our web-based photo editor, use our code generator to select the tools you want to include, the layout you want to use (lightbox vs embedded), and voila! - it provides you with JavaScript code to drop right into your website. The code gives you a button to launch the editor with any photo you specify. When the user saves, we programmatically provide you with url to the edited photo so you can upload it to whatever backend you’re using.

This is all most developers will need to get started; but what about sites that don’t have their own file storage? Or developers who don’t want to worry about storing their users photos?

Screenshot of Aviary + Filepicker.io
Screenshot of Aviary + Filepicker.io

Enter Filepicker.io. Their API allows users to directly export and import files from Facebook, GDrive, Dropbox, Flickr, etc. Best of all, their API takes a similar file approach to Aviary.  All files can be imported and exported via web urls.

Because Aviary’s API generates a file url on save, you’re able to pipe that right into Filepicker’s API which can take it from there. Check out this quick tutorial that’ll get you up and running in no time.