Aviary Users: Please Vote for Us for 2008 Webware 100!

Worth1000 for the 2008 Webware 100! We were chosen by CNet from a pool of almost 4,600 websites.

It's a huge honor, especially as we're listed in fantastic company along with the likes of some other web apps and sites we personally love, like Picnik, Scrapblog, Flickr and Twitter (among many, many others).

If you love what we've been doing for artistic communities, first with Worth1000 and now with Aviary, then please show your support and vote!

You can vote here (Worth1000 is located alphabetically, at the bottom):


You can cast up to three votes in each category.

Even if you don't vote for Worth1000, please show support for any 3 of the wonderful sites that are listed. To encourage people to participate, we'll make an offer: If you do vote (for anyone) and leave a message here indicating you voted, we'll make sure that you get into our private beta.]]