Aviary Windows Phone 7 App Now Available

Last month we released the Aviary Windows Phone 7 SDK, and although we launched with a handful of impressive partners, lots of WP7 developers have been asking us for a basic example app which can quickly show off Aviary's SDK in action for the platform.


We partnered with identitymine, who built this demo app for us, and we thought it was worth sharing for any developer who wants to see Aviary's photo editing SDK in action. It's called Photo Genius, and here's how it works:

  • The app displays a list of all your photos.
  • You can click on any photo to get basic recommendations for how to improve it in the editor.
  • Then, you can invoke the Aviary Photo Editor and make the suggested fixes. Simple, really!

The app includes all the tools featured in our SDK, which includes auto enhance, color balance, a handful of stunning effects, stickers, crop, blemish removal, among others to touch up any photo.

We do plan to continue to improve this app experience to make it even easier for developers to experiment with Aviary's SDK. Check it out now in the Windows Phone Marketplace!

If you have any questions, please feel free to send them to mobile@aviary.