Aviary X New Boyz

Since we're constantly trying to stay as hip as possible, (and we'd like to think we're doing well so far!), it simply makes sense to team up with The New Boyz, to help them promote their upcoming album, "Too Cool to Care", which will be dropping in stores May 17th.

The New Boyz are an American hip-hop/rap crew from California, famous for their viral hit, "You're a Jerk". The song made it to the top thirty of Billboard's Hot 100, and is recognized as the first song to bring the jerkin' style to the public.

Join us and the New Boyz as they go on a mission to digitally tag every website possible! With the help of our Screen Capture tool and our Simple Image Editor, New Boyz fans will have the entire web at hand to tag like there's no tomorrow!

Getting started is easy. First, visit tag.thenewboyz.com

Enter the URL of any website you want, and click 'go tag'

Once the website is captured, our Simple Image Editor with a custom New Boyz skin will appear, where you'll be able to doodle, add text, adjust the brightness/contrast, and more!

Note: The New Boyz have gone ahead and added their own custom stickers, including 'life-size' versions of "Ben J" and "Legacy". Click on the stickers option to reveal the rest!

Once you're finished, click save, and your tagged site will be added to the gallery, where it'll be rated by other fans, shared on twitter, facebook, and more!

If you've integrated our Simple Image Editor onto your site, or would like to inquire about custom stickers and skins, let us know at api@aviary.com. Our Simple Image Editor is free to use and free to implement on your site. If you're a developer and would like to try it out, read the technical documentation, or embed it on your site, go to www.aviary.com/html5

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