Aviary's flock has grown

our flock to include a couple of new faces and one face that's very familiar to Aviary users.

In order of addition, welcome to Mike Peutz (mpeutz), Ana Rosansky (ana) and Ralph Hauwert.

Mike Peutz, otherwise known as mpeutz in our forums was easily Aviary's most prolific user. We like to think of him as Aviary's Mozart. He showed us ways to use Aviary's tools that even we didn't think were possible. Check out some of the top creations by Mike, to get a sense for his complete mastery of Aviary. So when it was time to bring on someone who could help round out Aviary's user experience from an application detail perspective we knew that Mike was the only real choice we had.

Ana Rosansky, (Ana in Aviary), joins us from IAC where she worked on CollegeHumor (internally, one of our favorite sites to waste productive time on) and other IAC properties doing market analytics and user experience. Most recently she worked with Vogue on their digital marketing strategy. She will direct Aviary's marketing strategy going forwards and work on crafting a site that is easier to use and navigate for everyone. Additionally, she will help unite the Worth1000 and Aviary brands more closely.

Lastly, Aviary's success has always been about the depth of its engineering team. Today we are excited to announce another All Star to our roster: Ralph Hauwert, one of the first members of Papervision3D, a frequent speaker at top Flash conferences and frankly, one of the most respected names in the Flash space will be joining us to lead development on some of our top-secret initiatives. His work (several awesome demos of which are viewable on his web site) is enormous and in great demand. We are absolutely thrilled to have him join the Aviary flock.

We will be profiling these new members of the Aviary flock in individual blog posts shortly. In the meantime, please join me in welcoming them to the Aviary team!]]