Aviary's Online Vector Editor Supports Multiple File Types

Aviary's vector editor can import a number of file types, but please note some have limitations.

- JPG / JPEG & other standard bitmap image types

- PNG These lossless files also support transparency and are better for importing images without compression.

[NOTE: The SVG importer is somewhat limited because of the complexity of the language. We can import almost all of the geometric forms. The problem with importing SVG files are the linked resources (we can handle them, but in a limited way) and the way svg defines color and styles. We can handle SVG files with paths/polygons/shapes/etc... so long as they are composed of solid colors. When the shapes are composed of color gradients they will not always be interpreted correctly (this is something we are actively working on adding).

- PSD (photoshop native) From the photoshop .psd file we import only the flattened bitmap instead of individual layers.

We can also export to a number of file types in the latest version.

- SVG 1.1
- EPS 3.0
- PDF 1.x

Both the SVG and EPS exporters have limitations due to the complexity of the languages. Again, the main limitation are the gradients: color gradients aren't exported correctly with those formats). We'd recommend that if you are looking to export a Raven creation to a vector format, you do it to the PDF format, as it is the most complete and should be able to export almost all aspects perfectly.

The only known limitations of our PDF exporter are:

1) The blending modes: not all the flash blending modes can be converted into pdf blend modes.

2) Gradients with transparency ( we hope to solve this particular issue ).
It should be noted that all 3 vector exporters ( eps, svg and pdf ) have another limitation that is out of our control: embedded fonts.

We cannot export embedded fonts because Flash does not provide direct access to a users' font library. So as a workaround, we will automatically convert text into geometric paths during the conversion, preserving the look of the text, but not the ability to edit it using a keyboard. Of course, we do keep the .EGG format for all saves, so you will always be able to make future edits in Aviary directly.

What types of files are you editing? Can't wait to see what you are creating! ]]