Back to School: Getting Better Grades in School Using Aviary!

Hey! How would you like to get a jump start on the other kids this year?
Well, you can! Today I'm going to show how you (yeah, you!) can improve your grades in school this year in minutes, using!

Exam time!

Uh oh! It's exam time, and you forgot to study!

Fear not! Using Phoenix, Aviary's Image Editor, you can achieve any grade you desire on your tests!
Simply scan your test paper onto your computer, and upload the image of your test into Phoenix.
Using the Paintbrush Tool with the foreground color set to white, simply "white out" the undesirable grade!

Select the Eye Dropper Tool to sample the color of the original grade as your foreground color. Then, write in the grade you desire (and rightfully deserve!) using the Paintbrush Tool!

Report Card time!

Yikes! What's mom going to say when she sees your report card this year???

Well, follow these instructions and she's GOING to be saying, "Son or daughter, I'm buying you a [insert current video game system]!"
Again, select the Paintbrush Tool with the foreground color set to white to "white out" the original comments on the report card.
Then, select the Text Tool and simply type in your super-believable high praise!

I'm siiiiick.

So, you've learned the preceding techniques but still worried about an upcoming test?
Would you rather take a make-up test another day for that one extra day to cram for that exam (or watch Price is Right)?
Then you're going to need a permission slip from your parent or guardian!
For that, you're going to need their signature. But how are you going to get your parent to sign a fake slip? I'm sorry, but you won't.
Not a problem for an Aviary user like us! First, create a fake petition that you know your parent will most likely support, and present it to them to sign it.

Then, using the Freeform Selection Tool, copy and paste their signature onto your pre-written permission slip, using the Move Tool to line the signature up at the bottom!
And voila! One free ticket out of class!

I take no responsibilities if you happen to get caught using any of these methods. But in case you do, here's one last tip.
You'll most likely be punished in the form of writing lines, declaring your guilt.

Write your solemn declaration on one sheet of blank paper, and scan in a sheet of ruled paper.
Import the two images into Phoenix, and use the Transformation Tool to resize and position your written line onto the sheet of lined paper.

Select the Layer > Duplicate Layer function to make as many duplicates of the line that is required as your punishment, then set these layers blend modes to Multiply.
And there you have it! A full sheet of lines!

So the next time your parent asks you why you're spending your whole day on, you can say, with great honesty, that you're improving your grades!
Look at me, ma! I'm learnin'!

(This post is for satirical purposes only. All content herein should be treated as such. Neither the author nor Aviary shall be held responsible for consequences resulting from the usage of the information in the real world. In other words, do not try this at home!)